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Born Chicago IL 1954. 1974 Marcel Duchamp retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago set my philosophical/artistic orientation. 1974-80 Early exploration of Surrealism. What festoons my bowers with extravagant blooms is the Surrealist adventure. Digested the import of Breton's Letter to the Rectors of European Universities. 1978 Learned electronic music modular synthesis. First trip to Europe Nov-Jan 1980-81. Visited Aridane's Labyrinth. Nov. 1981 Began oil painting, the "lamentable expedient." 1989 Discovered Duchamp-Stirner connection. 1989-present Stirnerforschung with all its tributaries.

Selected Art Exhibitions
March-July 2013 Group shows, Out-of-Line Art Studio, 2 paintings.
July 2001 Group show, Free Flow Gallery, Chicago IL, 1 sculptural object, video
Aug-Nov 1999 Excalibur, Chicago IL, group show, 17 paintings
April 1998 Peter Jones Gallery, Chicago IL, group show, 3 paintings
Aug-Sept 1991 NNWAC Gallery, Chicago IL, group show, 1 painting
Oct 1988 Holsum Roc Gallery, Chicago IL, group show, 7 paintings
June 1986 Bucktown art fair, Chicago IL, 16 drawings

Aug 2018 CD release Realize Hard Primary Descent
Nov. 2017 CD release Double Otsu
May 2015 CD release Lingual Spread Bowls
Jan 2009 CD release Cordon Sanitaire 2-CD set
Jan 2008 CD release Instead Melt Feedback in Drip-Coffee Merger
Jan 2007 CD release Bum Crab Hatband
May 1998 Super-8 mm film Ritual in Disfigured Time showing at Links Hall, Chicago
July 1998 Photographer for performance Shaman’s Sandbox at Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago
Nov. 1992 3 pieces for Yucca Tree Records compilation Point of Yucca v. 1
May 1992 1 piece on Pointless Records compilation magnetic conversations
May 1991 1 piece on Pointless Records compilation The Avant-Jazz Noise Project

Sept. 2014 “Resolving the Contradictions in the Marcusean World-View”, paper presented at the International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference 50th Anniversary Celebration of the publication of One-Dimensional Man, Columbia University NY
July 2012 Presentation/Paper at College of Complexes, Chicago IL
“Majoritarianism and the Nature of the Political Left"
Jan 2011 Presentation/Paper at North American Anarchist Network Conference, Toronto
“Anarchism and Individual Psychology”
2007 “The Future of Electronic Music II” republished from my blog Redlegs Masticate at University of Nebraska ArtsAHA! website link: http://artsaha.org/?page_id=107
2006 An Imaginary Life, unpublished manuscript on the relationshsip of artistic Modernism to its philosophical antecedents